Using Video on Social Media

Everywhere you look these days, people are telling you that video is the new ‘magic formula’ for marketers. They say that using video is the way to gain increased interaction with your customers and potential customers.

Indeed, social networks have moved to give greater priority to delivering video to their members. For example, Facebook has introduced video autoplay (and, rumour has it, is giving priority to ‘native’ videos uploaded direct to Facebook rather that YouTube or Vimeo links); Twitter’s idea if for 30-second videos within tweets while Pinterest is unveiling a gif-like video service called ‘Cinematic Pins’.

Facebook now outperforms YouTube in terms of the total share of online video posts, according to socialbakers.


So what do you need to do to get your video seen by your target audiences?

Like most conversations, the best things that your video can do is to Educate, Inspire and/or Conspire.

Education is an obvious thing. People love being entertained but also like learning something useful. Being inspirational appeals to the emotional motivations behind people choosing to share your video. Be uplifting, encourage and offer positive solutions. Finally, people love being in on a ‘secret’. Share something just with those who follow you or like your page. Perhaps a ‘sneak peak’ at a future product launch?

And, finally, you should remember the ‘So What?’ test. Ask yourself why would your audience like to watch your video? What would make them want to share it with their friends?

UPDATE: 22nd June 2015

Now having spotted I hadn’t uploaded a video yet, I’m doing that now!


  • Keith Reilly

    Reply Reply June 20, 2015

    Nice post Richard. I’m currently trying to make sure that there is at least one video on all of my sites, relevant to tha sites’s niche, to assist with SEO. I’m creating them myself, as either face on camera, or slide/whiteboard animation. Hopefully I’ll see some improvements in traffic

    • admin

      Reply Reply June 22, 2015

      Thanks Keith. You’ve caught me out because I haven’t uploaded any videos myself yet!

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