How to use Facebook Live (or Periscope, Meerkat etc)


Everyone seems to be offering you the chance to broadcast your image live from your phone these days. As I have the perfect face for radio, I haven’t yet inflicted myself on the world in this way but, if you’re tempted to do so, here are some helpful hints.

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Don’t pretend to be something you’re not


It seems obvious when you say it, doesn’t it. But so many businesses do it! This is a useful article which hopefully will encourage small business owners to let their personalities shine through their websites and really differentiate themselves from the competition. Source: Be the Same Online vs Real Life | Social Media Today

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How well are your Traffic Techniques working?

You’re driving visitors to your website. But how do you know what they’re doing when they get there? Are they reading your carefully-crafted sales messages? Never fear. There are some great tools available to help you work out what’s working for you and what’s not. Whatever you’re doing in business, you need to understand the…

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Your last chance to grab 24 done-for-you websites and my bonus

Your last chance to grab 24 done-for-you websites and my bonus If you want a ton of great internet marketing products done for you (and get my exclusive bonus) then you need to jump on this today; This normally costs $67 per month but I’ve secured you this special one-time, one-off payment deal. Plus…

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We’re not in Kansas any more

  Look Toto, The world of internet marketing can be a bit like the Wizard of Oz to the uninitiated. The Wizard can do anything and wields great power. But if you get behind the curtain you’ll see he’s just like me and you. It’s just the same with the super rich gurus online. There’s…

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About this here ‘done for you’ website thang…

You know this done for you websites thing I’ve been talking to you about? My guess is you’ve got questions about it so here goes; Q. Do I really get 24 done-for-you websites with ready to sell products for a one-off investment of just $67? Yes. There’s no catch. This is a special deal I’ve…

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A site for sore eyes

Have you been staring at the internet for months (or years) wondering how to make money with it? It’s actually pretty easy (when you know how); 1. Create a product people want 2. Build a website for it 3. Write a salesletter for it Result = make money. The problem is:- Those first three steps…

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Facebook the ‘go-to’ platform for local businesses


Facebook, in its quest to conquer the world, is enhancing its Pages to make them more useful to small and local businesses. Well worth exploring! Source: Facebook Pages revamp – Business Insider

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The ‘elephant’ in the internet marketing ‘room’

This needs to be said. I’m scared to do this so please hold my hand… I really never thought I’d be the one to tell you. There is an elephant in the room of internet marketing. Making products is hard. There I said it. Phew. What a relief. Feels like I just stood up at…

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Fancy being a Wealthy Product Publisher?

Indulge your imagination for a second… You check your stats and see another few thousand dollars has come in. You send a mail out to your thousands of subscribers and watch as the sale notifications fill your inbox. You retire to a beach in Cancun sipping Krystal from the bottle with some hottie on your…

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